About Reel Unique Productions: Reel Unique Productions is a stepping stone for CREATORS, ACTORS, & MUSICIANS to come together and make movie magic! We've created a community and sanctuary for the underdogs and those who want to get a leg up in the industry. If no one else has given you a chance we're here to support you. We produce a new Film regularly and have talented people audition. Being cast or crewed in one of our REEL UNIQUE Films gives you the best opportunity to showcase your talent to industry professionals and managers. We always have our eyes open to dedicated talented people. No matter if you're an Actor, Musician, Writer, Artist, or all of the above... We want you to join our team and create movie magic that can showcase your capabilities and help you get further work. Let us be your first stop on a new career in showbusiness. Let Reel Unique Productions create your professional Reel in a magical way. Don't wait! COME JOIN OUR TEAM!